Cooking Steaks on the Big Green Egg

Cooking Steaks on the Big Green Egg

There are tons of recipes and guides out there on how to cook steak – if you have a grill that should be a right of passage Cooking a steak on the Big Green Egg isn’t much different then any other grill out there – but it will take time and patience to perfect the technique that works for you. Personally, I mix it up and am still working on the perfect steak.

But for this Tuesday night, I whipped up two very nice steaks within 30 minutes (from firing up the grill to shoveling it in my mouth).


  • Steaks
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Not much more to add then that – why mess with a good cut of beef?

To fire up the Egg, I brought it to temp – 500 degrees using the direct grill setup – the grill set directly on the fire ring. The steaks were then set on the grill, the lid was closed and they sizzled for 4 minutes. I then burped the Egg, flipped the steaks and closed it up for another 4 minutes. And that’s it – who wouldn’t want wood fired steaks on a Tuesday evening after a long day at work?

Finished Steaks on the Big Green Egg

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