Ultimate Egghead Gift Guide

Ultimate Egghead Gift Guide

Big Green Egg Gift Guide
What can you get for the egghead in your life? Besides another egg? Another egg is always a great answer. But let’s pretend your egghead has all the BGE’s he (or she) needs (ha!) – then what else can you get them?
Below is a select list of cultivated products that are tried & tested by devoted eggheads around the world.
** Below items are not listed in any particular order.

Looftlighter 70018 Fire Lighting Tool – By far the fastest & in my opinion easiest way to light your egg. Or anything. I got mine after using the regular fire starter for years (and replacing that 2x) – and I couldn’t be happier. This takes lighting the egg from 10-15 minutes to no more then 5 minutes (closer to 2)!

ThermoWorks Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer – No more doubts about your temperature – this puppy instant reads and is so reliable! Yes, it’s spendy for a thermometer – which is why it makes a great gift! I got mine for Christmas one year and I use it almost every time I cook now. Bonus – it comes in almost any color you could want.

iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer – I don’t know why I waited so long to get this. Actually I do – I was waiting for the technology to progress and man, has it! With the iGrill2, you can monitor your cook from your phone in your bed – especially helpful for those long overnight cooks. I use this predominately for longer cooks – 6+ hours. Think 24 hours for a brisket and only having to check your phone and not run outside. Comes with (2) probes but can fit 4 – you’ll just have to order those extra.

DigiQ BBQ Guru for Ceramic Grills – I don’t have this particular tool just yet, but I’ve seen this at work at many demos and at my brother in laws house. I must say, it’s an impressive tool and it’s perfect for holding your Egg as a set temperature. This is not for the food temperature, this simply regulates the airflow in your Egg to ensure an consistent temperature. This would be tremendously helpful for long overnight cooks – it would help prevent any flare ups or fires going out. I will procure one of these in the near future for sure.

SmokeWare SS Vented Chimney Cap – While I love the traditional daisy cap that comes with the Egg – this one is such an upgrade! It allows you to cook in the rain without putting your fire out, it doesn’t move when you open the egg and you can clean it in the dishwasher if you wanted to! I have one on one Egg and am eying another one for my other Egg as well. This fits the Medium, Large and XL Egg (from the description). I think I picked my original one up on eBay before they were selling on Amazon – but the price looks to be the exact same. So useful.

Deluxe Cast Iron Platesetter and Griddle – So after 8+ years, my plate setter finally broke. Not for any good reason other then I tossed it on the lawn and it hit the other platesetter and bam! – the leg broke off. I tried gluing it back together and it worked fine for a few cooks, but it finally kicked the bucket. So I picked up with bad boy (which they also make for the XL Big Green Egg) and I haven’t looked back yet! If you don’t have a platesetter yet – pick this one up and you’ll get a cast iron griddle as well. I’ve used the griddle for everything from Chicken to asparagus. Highly recommend.

YETI Rambler Tumbler w/Lid 20 oz. – Any great BBQ requires an ice cold drink. And nothing keeps your drink colder then a Yeti Tumbler. Mine was a birthday gift – and the second I let my wife try a drink from it, she had to have one too. For some reason – it actually makes the drinks colder! And the ice will last for a very long time – limiting the amount of water down drinks you have to deal with. I often fill it with water and ice before bed and still have ice and very very cold water in the morning – if not up to 12 hours later. They also make the Yeti Rambler Tumbler 30 OZ for those thirstier folks and the Yeti Coolers Rambler Colster which is the ultimate koozie for both bottles and cans. The Yeti Coolers Rambler Colster will keep your beer cold for hours, even outside!

DSC01940Custom BGE Handles – Why not customize your Egg handle to make it your own? I haven’t done this yet, but that’s because I enjoy the difference in my two handles (the original old one and the giant new one) – but I’ve seen these in action on many Eggs and I always admire them. There are several websites out there that make them – but from the forums, AMLWoodart and Danny’s Carvings always come highly recommended.

GrillGrates – These are another gadget that is highly recommended for usage with a Big Green Egg – these raised grates would actually go on top of your cooking grid, allowing for a better set of grill marks and also helping to keep juices off the fire – thus preventing flare ups and that unpleasant burnt flavor.

Plate Setter Lifter – The Plate Setter Lifter allows safe and easy removal of your plate setter. No more broken plate setters or burnt hands. With its easy grip handle and hook design this plate setter lifter. Keeps your gloves from burning to a crisp when you try to move your plate setter. Probably would have prevented my breaking of my plate setter that I mentioned earlier. Will have to get myself one of these.

swung-chicken-breasts-potato-cups2 Tier Adjustable Swing Rack System – A product that will last you a lifetime. This product will cook similar to cast iron and season with every cook. The more you use it the better it works. The swinging action of the upper grate allows you to safely access your food on the main grate. The adjustability option provides yet another feature to this product, should you run out of head room in your grill, just lower your upper grate to gain the space needed, or if your cooking a serious hunk of meat on your bottom grate just raise your upper grate to gain any headroom or simply remove it all together. This is my favorite two tier rack due to it’s durability, it’s construction and overall functionality.

5e7f6a5876254272ddb82babb49af3e6_1024x1024Meat Church Rubs & Merch – A Texas BBQ company that is taking the world by storm. Quickly expanding from online to dealers across the state and nation, these rubs are legit. I’ve personally gone through lbs and lbs of all of these rubs. Honey Hog is probably my favorite for just about everything – from pork butt to chicken, but I love all of the new flavors that they are coming out with. And I have 2 shirts and 3 of their hats – so you could say I’m a card carrying member.

Did I miss anything? If you have any other recommendations or suggestions, leave a comment below or send me an email and I’ll gladly add it.


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Proud owner of (6) Big Green Eggs since 2007. (1) XL, (2) Larges, (1) Small egg, (1) MiniMax and (1) Mini. Bastrop, TX backyard BBQer constantly trying new recipes and learning new things. @grillanything on Instagram and @HoustonEgger on the Egghead Forum


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