Brisket Burnt Ends from the BGE

Brisket Burnt Ends from the BGE
Burnt Ends from the BGE

Glorious brisket burnt ends


Getting burnt ends starts with making the entire brisket – so be prepared for an adventure. And be prepared for that adventure to start early early in the morning if you are planning for a evening meal.

For this round I got up at 3am to start the BGE and put the brisket on around 3:30am – after the BGE had gotten to temp. I placed a plate setter on the egg with a drip tray, which you can see from the pictures in the gallery.

I won’t get into the specifics of the brisket cook here as that’s a post for itself – but you want to cook the brisket to temp – not time. You may end up cooking the brisket a lot longer or a lot less then planned. You are looking for around 185 – but the meat needs to be tender. The meat probe should slide in easy as a guide.

Now – when you are ready to pull the brisket off of the  BGE – that’s when the burnt end process starts. First you need to let the brisket rest for at least an hour, 2 if you can be patient. Then, you lift the point and cut it away from the flat – as you can see in the picture below.

Brisket point and flat separation

Brisket point and flat separation

The flat will be preserved for slicing – but the point is what you want to cut into cubes. Then toss with your choice of BBQ sauce and put back on the Big Green Egg. You are going to smoke these for another 2 hours at least – until they get a good crisp to them – or until you can’t take the delicious smell anymore.

Brisket Burnt Ends BGE

Brisket Burnt Ends ready for the BGE

Then you pull the meaty cubes off the BGE and enjoy.

Brisket Burnt Ends Ready to be Devoured

Brisket Burnt Ends Ready to be Devoured


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  1. Kamado Jim 6 years ago

    I had burnt ends for the first time when I visited Kansas City a couple years ago and was immediately hooked. Unbelievably good! Now, as soon as I can get my hands on a decent full packer here in Georgia, I’ll be following your recipe here to a T to relive that first experience. Thanks for sharing!

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