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Green Egg Blog & @BBQFit have built a strong following by inspiring others to think outside the box when it comes to grilling and meal prep. Our influence has grown to include featuring brands on Instagramblog posts, and recipes! We love working with with brands we believe will benefit our followers by creating original content of your products/services through any of our social media platforms.

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  1. Good morning.

    I bought my egg last summer and used it a fair amount of times over the summer/fall. Living in NE, it didn’t get much use over the winter, but I’ve started to use it again this spring. Today I’m attempting my first bone-in Boston Butt (I’ve made boneless before). I started it at midnight last night. Couldn’t get the temp below 300 before I went to bed, but I knew it would drop so I put the 11.5lb butt in the egg anyway. At 2A it was at 250, but at ate when we checked it again, the coals no longer on and the temp of the egg has dropped completely.

    I’ve read so many blogs and I’ve been following the directions that are most common, but I still have time regulating at low temps. Are there any tips you can offer?

    Much appreciated,

    Janet, Newbie egghead.

    • Janet – Unconventional, but try running with the bottom vent wide open and control the temp at the top only. With a new egg, you probably just need some cooks in it to get it to settle down. Also throw a bunch of wood chips in it and shut the lid – check where you’ve got smoke coming out of it for extra air gaps

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