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I came up with this recipe after reading about Rao’s Lemon Chicken in my recent Cook’s Illustrated magazine and I had every intention of creating that recipe for the family. But then I realized that it was Tuesday evening, my chicken was approaching the expiration date and I didn’t have half the ingredients. So I came up with my own spin on Lemon Chicken and used Pork U Lemon pepper seasoning as the extra kicker.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Recipe


Other items:

Egg Setup:
Direct with cast iron pan on grid. Target temp to start at 400 degrees. Again, I was cooking this dish on a Tuesday night – so total cook time was less then 45 minutes.

Cooking Instructions:

  • Heat your cast iron pan on the egg. Since I was using a small egg, I used my 10″ cast iron pan that I’ve cut the handle off on. It fits perfectly in the small egg.
  • Salt the chicken and cover with the Lemon pepper seasoning
  • Add olive oil to your cast iron pan and then sear the chicken skin side down to get the crisp and color.
  • Flip your thighs after about 5 minutes (or when desired color is achieved)
  • Check the temp of the thighs once flipped – you should be about 100 degrees at this time.
  • Add the diced onions and lemons to the dish and stir
  • Shut the egg down to 300-350 and close the egg.
  • Every 5-8 minutes, burp the egg and then check the chicken temperature. I also move the pan around the egg to even out the heat, stir a bit and wait until you hit 165 internal temp on each thigh.
  • Once target temp is reached, remove the pan from the egg, serve and enjoy!

This dish was such a success – the onions and lemon may have been the best part of the entire dish, but the chicken was no slouch either. I had every intention of making a side dish with this for dinner – but that didn’t happen. The chicken smelled too good and we were too hungry to wait around. Will definitely be making this again in the future! This was my first try of the Pork U seasoning – the lemon flavor is spot on and the heat is mild. I will certainly be trying this out on other dishes in the future – can’t wait for salmon season!

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