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ThermoWorks Chef Alarm
ThermoWorks Chef Alarm

BGE Accessories

Owning a Big Green Egg means owning several accessories – gadgets or cookery that are a must have for any good Egg Head. Below is a list of the ones that I own and approve of – or want and are on my wishlist.

Must Own

The Big Green Egg Plate Setter

The Plate Setter is a must have for any Big Green Egg owner. Yes, you can make your own tool to serve the purpose of the plate setter – but this is just easier. You’ll need this for any indirect cooking. I use mine all the time when creating ribs, smoked meats, jerky or just about everything else. I own two of them (one for each egg). If you are just buying an Egg or even thinking about it – make sure you add this to your cart as well. You’ll need it and it’s not cheap. I bought my most recent one from my local BGE Dealer – but it was $89! You can buy them from Amazon for $20 cheaper – and don’t worry about shipping them, the plates are very well packed and should withstand most anything. I dropped mine before even getting out of the store and nothing happened to it.


looftlighter-1 This has already replaced my Electric Starter (though I have saved that as a backup) and I’m now exclusively using the Looftlighter. In short, this thing will light your fire faster then anything – except maybe a blow torch. It’s more expensive then the electric starter – but this thing works so fasst you have no excuse not to open up the egg(s) for weeknight cooking.

The Electric Charcoal Starter

I’ve gone through 2 of these – I used to own the Big Green Egg Electric Starter version and it worked great until it just stopped. Given the high heat these things generate, I wasn’t surprised when it stopped working – and besides it did last almost 4 years. I now own the Char-Broil 2984810 Sure Fire Electric Charcoal Starter which is cheaper and does the same thing. I use and have always used the electric charcoal starter to get my Eggs going. It’s easy, doesn’t require any other agents and works every time.


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